Sallie Craig Tuton Huber C’68

Forty-year career as a global public health specialist
Sallie Craig Tuton Huber
I delight in telling others about Salem's history of educating girls and women and that Salem women can do anything!

Sallie Craig Tuton Huber C’68 has devoted her life to helping improve the lives of others.

During her forty-year career, this woman of purpose has worked as a public health specialist in more than fifty countries. In retirement, she continues to volunteer her time and talents in serving those around her. This motivation to help others, she says, comes from her Salem College experience.

“Salem gave me the foundational skills to pursue a graduate degree in public health and the confidence to succeed in whatever I tried to do during my full, successful, and very satisfying career,” says Huber. “The importance of giving back to Salem and to numerous other community-based endeavors is closely linked to the values I learned and experiences imparted at Salem.”

Huber says her close, enduring connection to Salem was inspired during her college decision-making process.

“Salem provided a much better financial aid package than the other two institutions that I was considering,” she says, emphasizing that Salem’s assistance with her tuition and room and board was a critical part of her motivation to give back.

Huber has worked with her husband to help support students through the naming of the Huber Theater in the student center that opened on the Salem College campus in 2014. The Sallie Craig Tuton Huber and Douglas H. Huber theater not only provides entertainment, but also provides a means through which Salem students can engage the world. In its first year of being open, the Huber Theater has hosted film screenings from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, guest speakers for the Center for Women in Business, meetings, and weekly movie nights, and has served as a location to host campus visitors and special guests.

Huber and her husband are a united front, and that is how they have made life decisions, including the decision to create a charitable trust through their estate plans. Together, they have chosen to provide future support for the institution that impacted their lives and personal development.

In addition to charitable gifts, Huber also gives her time to Salem. Huber is a member of the Board of Trustees of Salem Academy and College. She is also a past member and chair of the Board of Visitors and served as the 2002 Commencement speaker. She received the Distinguished Alumna Award in 1990.

“I will stay connected to Salem by continued giving, both financially and through contributions of my time,” says Huber. Her hope for Salem students is simple. “I hope that Salem will give them the same sense of purpose and pride in themselves and in their achievements that was given to me.”

How do you identify a Salem graduate?

By her grace, knowledge, confidence, and self-assurance.

How do you define Women of Purpose?

Women of purpose are those who know where they are headed and who get there through setting goals and continuously monitoring their achievement of those goals.