Message from the President


AS THE OLDEST CONTINUOUSLY OPERATING WOMEN’S EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION IN THE COUNTRY, Salem Academy and College enthusiastically announces a $60 million campaign to support our students in their journey to become confident, capable, and principled women of purpose.

We are launching the Women of Purpose campaign because we know the powerful influence that Salem has had on individual lives and on communities large and small. We are grateful for the glorious legacy given to us by our founders and our alumnae as we accept our duty to ensure Salem’s brilliant future for generations to come.

Today, positive momentum at Salem Academy and College is undeniable. We offer a unique educational experience that is in high demand, as evidenced by 12% increases in enrollment at both the Academy and the College. In the fall of 2014, we welcomed the largest first-year class in the history of the College. Increasing enrollments over the last several years have made it necessary to expand our campus footprint. We are building an apartment-style residence that will accommodate approximately ninety students.

Building upon Salem’s nearly 250-year history of respecting, educating, and believing in women of purpose, we are taking steps to elevate the profiles of Salem Academy and Salem College as preeminent institutions for the education of girls and women. Salem’s celebrated traditions, its perseverance, and its visionary leaders have brought us to this defining moment, and these same strengths will carry us forward.

The Women of Purpose campaign seeks your support in funding. These priorities are part of an overall strategic endeavor to make Salem stronger, more widely known, and more accessible to girls and women of exceptional promise.

We have identified certain goals as cornerstones for our Women of Purpose campaign. In order to secure a shining future for Salemwe must renovate Academy dormitories and complete the construction of the new McHugh Sisters Flats. We must update vital components of our athletic facilities, including our tennis courts. We must bolster our commitment to a rigorous liberal arts education through the expansion of our support for faculty development and research and through increased opportunities for student research, foreign language study, and study abroad. We must provide more merit-based and need-based scholarships at both the Academy and the College in order to attract students of the highest caliber. And we must fortify our commitment to all these objectives through increased annual giving that will ensure a firm financial foundation in support of our mission.

The world needs a greater number of confident, ambitious, and highly skilled women to respond to the challenges confronting it. We need broadly educated women asking the right questions and seeking innovative solutions to problems. Girls and women at Salem Academy and College need your support in order that they may become everything they want to be and everything we need them to be.

There has already been remarkable support for Salem’s Women of Purpose campaign.

We are immensely grateful to our alumnae, friends, parents, and supporting organizations for their continuing generosity.

We are asking for your support in ensuring the fruitful continuation of Salem’s bold, joyful, and compassionate sisterhood and its remarkable impact on the world.

D. E. Lorraine Sterritt, PhD

President of Salem Academy and College